Urge the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioners (COGCC) to require oil & gas operators to pay their full cleanup costs!

Oil & gas companies are making YOU pay to clean up THEIR mess.

Don’t let them send you an $8 BILLION bill!

Toxic chemicals from oil and gas wells should not be leaking into our groundwater and spewing pollutants into the air Coloradans breathe. The State of Colorado and the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) are supposed to guarantee that oil & gas operators comply with all of the regulations put in place, including properly plugging oil & gas wells at the end of their lives to avoid harmful, toxic pollution. These “guarantees” (called financial assurances) essentially act as security deposits — they include oil & gas operators being required to pay the state money, called “bonds,” toward the eventual costs of plugging wells, and cleaning up toxic spills.

Unfortunately, Colorado’s current financial assurance rules are grossly inadequate; oil and gas companies aren’t paying anywhere near the true cost of cleaning up wells. In this case, the public is stuck with cleanup costs. Ensuring the cleanup of wells should be a basic cost of doing business in the oil and gas industry.

The upcoming financial assurances rulemaking is our best chance to correct these problems, and to hold the industry accountable. The COGCC has released a first draft of the new rules with hearings starting September 21st and continuing through early October.