The League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans (LOGIC) launched in 2015. We are the voices of Colorado’s oil and gas impacted citizens – or those living with and facing new oil and gas facilities in our state. LOGIC is a coalition of 28 different neighborhood groups across Colorado who represent thousands of Coloradans living in the midst of current and proposed oil and gas development. LOGIC works to ensure that community groups have a seat at policymaking tables to effect change.

We do this by:

  • Supporting local organizing and advocacy efforts that compel ongoing engagement and cultivate a new generation of leaders, including building capacity within under-represented communities to empower them to stand up to the fossil fuel industry;
  • Educating community groups and the public of the many impacts of oil and gas development by sharing the stories of impacted Coloradans and communities; and
  • Advocating for local, state, and federal policies that address the climate crisis and recognize the central role fossil fuels have in driving climate change, and the urgent need to support a just and fair transition to clean energy.
Impacted citizens from across Colorado have come together to develop their own policy recommendations and engage in rulemaking. The pages that follow are their stories. It is time for leadership. The League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans seeks to protect public health, safety, and the environment across our regulations of oil and gas by:
  • Asking policymakers to ensure that oil and gas operators in our communities are held accountable for their impact on our state.
  • Proactively affirming the right of Colorado communities to regulate, zone, and to protect public health, safety, and their quality of life;
  • Scrutinizing and potentially denying new oil and gas development based on its impacts and risks to public health, safety, and the environment; and
  • Modernizing Colorado’s fiscal and financial policies governing oil and gas, to protect our communities from the risks of a volatile industry.

Impacted Coloradans are seeking real leadership. It is time to make meaningful policies to address the conflicts between the oil and gas industry and Colorado’s communities living in its shadow.